GOVERNMENT WARNING"Marijuana use can cause complex thoughts leading to better ideas of how to live your life. Caution, free thinking has been routinely reported with continued use. If policy on drugs is in future to be pragmatic not moralistic, driven by ethics not dogma, then the current prohibitionist stance will have to be swept away as both unworkable and immoral, to be replaced with an evidence-based unified system (specifically including tobacco and alcohol) aimed at minimisation of harms to society......


Marijuana Emoji App Marijuana Emojis from Goldenseed




A page dedicated to the people who ommit to read the Apps description and vist the Marijuana Emojis website before they make comments and leave poor reviews..



bashee canada Fake id

Waste of time Its doesn't let me send to my friends I would like to say that its a dumb ass thing to buy don't try too

You replied on Jul 22, 2016 at 8:48 AM Hi BC, It works rather well on Facebook Messenger, the thousands of happy customers will testify to that, all the best, Chin Chin...



Shannon K Jul 22, Fake id


Not what you think.. You can install this app and that's about it. Can't attach emojis to text messages. What's the point then? Don't download! I should of known after reading reviews...

You replied on Jul 24, 2016 at 4:43 PM Hi Shannon, I've just installed it on two new phones without any issues, read the Apps description text you send with the images, which reviews did you read ? the 198 5***** or the 31 1 * of which 25 omitted to read the apps instructions, Chin Chin...


sam remmo

Bullshit If you download it for free then everything should be free

Hi Sam, and thank for you eloquent comment and 1* review, the app cost $15000 to produce, If you had taken the time to read the apps description you could have used the 'FREE' promo code to open all the 'PAID' galleries, do you think all apps should be 'FREE' ? I'm open to suggestions as how to recoupe my time and money invested in the app...

ty gardiner

Come talk to me when it's a keyboard with true emojis.

Hi Ty, 'true emoji' ? your definition ? once we created your "true emoji keyboard' and presumably then you'd be joining the Ah, It's ok. You get 3 and have to pay for the rest brigade ? True ? your input is interesting but to drive this forward it has to be a lot more positive... Gene

steven mabee

Lame "Free" but you gotta pay for each emoji...lame.

The catergories are all FREE..Which bit is Lame ? The Flags Category ? The Popular Category ? The Miscellanous Category ? The MMJ Category ? The M-Word Category ? The Cloud -9 Category ? The Legalise Category ? The MPP Category? The Character Category ? or the two free categories? over 600 animated gifs and 600 pngs all original..

gloria shanches

Does not send text as emoji when typing a tex :/ looks like a cut and paste picture that has been sent.

Good morning Gloria and thank you for your input, it would appear your using the app incorrectly, you send the emoji separately, please read the Apps description ether on the website or in the Google play store, cheers Gene

jake johnson

Put an Oregon state sticker like you did every other state and ill give you a better rating, simple as that, and I've checked there is ones from legalized states

Hi Jake and thank you for your review. Currently, the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana has been entirely legalized in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Hence the missing four State stickers, didn't see any point creating Legalize stickers for states were marijuana is Legal, Cheers Gene.

bently fountaine

Just a few basic icons You have to pay for like everything. And sending them are too complicated.

Hi Bently and thank you for your input, if you'd taking the time to look at the description the promo codes are FREELY available to download and for all the 600 animated gifs/pngs there is NO PAYMENT. A simple copy and paste is perhaps to complicated for some people, we think is rather straight forward. Chin Chin...

jeanna obrzut

There are like 10 categories and only 3 are free smh..

Hi Jeanna, and thank you for your 'review' how would you suggest I recoup the $20000 invested in creating the app ? along with the six months hard work putting it together ? IF YOU'D TAKEN THE TIME TO LOOK AT THE APP DESCRIPTION, ALL THE PAID CATEGORIES ARE FREE TO OPEN WITH THE PROMO CODE, unfortunately not to your good self...:-p


mike little

Didn't work for me :( :(

Hi Mike, and thank you for your comment, there are over 600 animated gifs & pngs on the app free of charge, if you could be more specific perhaps we could help change your mind, Cheers Gene

Phillip Morgan

Worthless This app sucks! It wants you to leave a great review in order to unlock the emoji. There is nothing to use unless you leave a good review. Or spend $ to use the emoji. You would have a better selection if you googeled weed gif's then copy and past them. That is all this app is. Pay for gif's then copy and past them into your message.


Hi Phillip,WRONG ON ALL 4 don't have to leave a good review, you simply contact us and we will unlock all the paid galleries with the promo code, there are 600 animated gifs on the app, there aren't 6 animated weed gifs on Google. Read the Apps description its a MESSAGING APP, CHILL DUDE, GENE XX

Rankand File

1 out of 10 A few cappy emoticons where everything cool has to be purchased. Can't cut and paste have to multi-step to get it into a text message and it has to be a new text message not the one you are doing at the time. Uninstalled after 2 min.

Hi Rank,seem your yet another one who doesn't read the Apps description, before you pass comment I suggest you read IT!! ALL the App is opened 'FREE' WITH THE PROMO CODE. How do you know everything is Cool in the paid section ? its a Messaging App, simply copy & paste, it would also seem you've not familiar with this simplistic action.Chin Chin.


samantha bergsing

Waste of data The available emojis are very limited. I was under the impression that it was going to be a great app, however its just as basic as the other few apps like this one. I feel like I wasted my time downloading.... uninstalled. Apparently my honest opinion wasn't appreciated. To throw out that ..oh yeah there's promos but not for you "my dear" was uncalled for. I did nothing wrong but state that the available free ones are the same type of basic emojis the other app has. And you decided to be snarky...

Good morning Samantha, like the other 'poor' reviews on here you haven't taken a minute to read the apps description or visit the Marijuanaemojis website were you would have found nine MP4 videos showing what's available on the app, then by all means criticize, but to do neither then and start to badmouth it, I think 'snarky' is my

holy smokes

Eh.. It's ok. You get 3 and have to pay for the rest.


shay staggs

No no no no Get out of here with that garbage lol nice try thoe.

Hi shay, Noticed you have a Fake Google account. thank you for your eloquent comment, as with most things in life you get what you pay for, I would suggest you take up our free promo offer to open all the paid categories as the 'free' ones are basic, although you strike me as someone who wants something for nothing, Chin Chin